The 12th Bestcoast Festival 2012

Location: We repeat the success from the five last years, and welcome you to Tou Scene - an old beer-brewery that has been transformed into a cultural venue, with two stages, and large areas for workshops and free
juggling. There is also a restaurant, serving beer, wine and good food. We are thrilled about this beautiful venue, as it is perfect for our juggling festival!


Toby Walker ( watch?v=v8Hg3KTbnKA)

Tony Pezzo ( watch?v=6ccNWatoNcI&feature =plcp)

Samuli Männistö ( watch?v=6G9dIC8327U&feature

Markus Nivala ( watch?v=6G9dIC8327U&feature

Antti Nerg ( watch?v=6G9dIC8327U&feature

Guillaume Karpowicz ( watch?v=oHqXzrqaepI)

Haavard Vatland Hvidsten ( watch?v=7nuWM0Ws_2E&list=UU YJDCEpIqUTkP5gWEvEdmoA&ind ex=8&feature=plcp)

Iver Roar Tronstad ( watch?v=RtqXvBNT0Hs&list=UU UMwAcCecgl3yV50LIBnkdg&ind ex=3&feature=plcp)

Monday & Tuesday: As always, we’ll give you a taste of the Norwegian nature, as a bonus. More info on that soon!

NOTE! We welcome jugglers (and others) of all ages to come and play with us at Tou Scene during the weekend, but to take part of the trip you need to be over 18.

If you´ll take part of the trip, please book your return ticket on Tuesday afternoon. If you will not join for the trip, we strongly recommend you to book your ticket home Monday morning, as the program at Tou will continue until Sunday evening.


The price for the whole weekend will be 500/700 NOK pre-reg/at the door. This includes food, roof over your head, workshops, galla-show, and anything else that will happen at Tou during the weekend. It does not include food Monday and Tuesday.

Pre-registration: If you live outside Norway, just send an email to before July 5th with your name, and tell us that you are coming. This will work as a pre-registration, and you’ll pay 500 NOK at the door.

If you live in Norway: Pre-registration can be done by transferring the right amount of money to account nr: 6045.06.31445. Remember to include your name, and bring a printed copy of the transaction or e-mail!

Program: Friday 20nd - Sunday 22th July 2012

Friday 20th:
12.00: Doors open
18.00: Dinner
20.00: Opening show with Tony Pezzo

Saturday 21st:
10.00: Breakfast
13.00: Nybegynnerflaks – free workshop for kids
14.00: Lunch
16.30: Kendama Open
18.00: Dinner
20.00: Gala Show
23.00: Fire Jam

Sunday 22nd:
10.00: Breakfast
14.00: Lunch
15.00: Games
18.00: Dinner
20.00: Open Stage
22.00: Best Trick

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